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Lofton Family | Nashville Lifestyle Photography

Sometimes in Nashville the cold weather makes it impossible to take photos outside so for this shoot we moved indoors! I went to the home of the Loftons and it was AWESOME. We had a blast with this lifestyle session. Lifestyle photography is a perfect solution for the busy toddlers. They feel so comfortable in their own home it make my job as the photographer easy! They baked cookies, took a bath, had a dance party, read books, and snuggled. I was just just there to capture it all. I think the pictures speak for themselves so lets get on to the fun stuff! There were so many ADORABLE pictures but here are some of my favorites! I love lifestyle photography!

untitled (8 of 11)untitled (7 of 11)Cutest family EVER!!

untitled (8 of 8)Snuggle time

untitled (1 of 1)-20Taylor Swift dance party!

untitled (1 of 1)-13untitled (1 of 1)-16untitled (1 of 1)-17Baking cookies!

untitled (4 of 8)

untitled (7 of 8)untitled (1 of 1)-25untitled (1 of 1)-5Bath time!

untitled (5 of 11)untitled (1 of 1)-31

Sister moments…untitled (1 of 1)-29untitled (4 of 11)untitled (1 of 8)
untitled (6 of 8)

I had to get the family dog involved:)

untitled (3 of 11)

Peek a boo!
untitled (2 of 2)-2

How could their babies not be beautiful?!untitled (1 of 11)untitled (2 of 11)Sweet baby. Happy 9 months

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